Alexis Biddle, Great Communities Program Director & Staff Attorney

Alexis Biddle Headshot

As our Great Communities Program Director, Alexis works on issues like housing, transportation, infrastructure, and more, in towns and cities outside of the Portland Metro region. Based in our Eugene field office, he travels the state to work with residents, city planners, and local decision-makers to ensure that Oregon's urban and rural communities are not just livable, but thriving. Alexis holds a masters degree in Community and Regional Planning as well as a law degree from University of Oregon. He discovered his interest in land use when he witnessed great social inequity while he was putting himself through law school as a taxi driver. Since then, he has worked with transit districts, city and state planning departments, and as a transportation consultant. His position with 1000 Friends has allowed him to complete his passion and work on both land use and transportation to serve all residents of communities across the state. 

As Governor Tom McCall famously said, "Oregon is an inspiration." For Alexis, Oregon's unexpected diversity inspires wonder in every corner of the state.

In Oregon, his favorite place is the Wallowa Mountains. Beyond Oregon, his favorite place is the Chagrin River Valley in Ohio.

Away from work, Alexis loves to bike and swim at local swimming holes, and when he's got a little more time on his hands, he snowboards and backpacks to explore Oregon. He has one other unusual hobby: stone-skipping. He's even competed in the World Championship! | (503) 694-3893 | he/him/his