Take Action: 837 acres of Oregon farmland at risk

Columbia County Commission to Consider Rezoning 837 Acres of Farmland to Nonfarm Uses.

Agriculture is Oregon’s second-largest economic driver. At its core, Oregon’s agricultural economy relies on zoning to protect farmland from competing industries and uses. This month, the Columbia County Commission is considering a twice-defeated proposal from the Port of Columbia County to convert 837 acres of irreplicable high-value farmland zoned for agriculture to nonfarm, industrial use.

The county commission should stand up for the agricultural industry and the protection of farmland use by denying the rezone application from the Port. The Land Use Board of Appeals has ruled twice that the Port failed to demonstrate how a massive industrial park would be compatible with neighboring farms and wildlife habitat. The Port’s third attempt to demonstrate compatibility is no better. In its latest application, the Port fails to even mention the blueberry and mint farms near the land proposed for rezoning and dramatically understates how an additional 837 acres of industrial land will affect farm operations and industrial stormwater from runoff and spills.

Help us defend Oregon’s land use planning program and the preservation of farmland from another irresponsible attempt to rezone 837 acres of agricultural land. Join 1000 Friends of Oregon in urging the Columbia County Commission to deny the Port’s rezone request. By signing the petition below, you agree that we can send the Columbia County Commission the following message with your signature: