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A milestone for Oregon’s marine reserves

The land use system covers more than just our terrestrial borders – nearshore ocean resources are also protected under Goal 19. They’re about to get stronger if we can pass HB 4132.

2024 legislative overview

Oregon’s 2024 legislative short session began on February 5, lasting five weeks. Top on our agenda is housing, specifically ensuring that a housing bill passes that focuses on what matters: using an effective and efficient approach to building housing within existing UGBs, where people have access to the best quality of life possible.

Let’s build a winning future for Oregon

Help us protect Oregon’s unique land use planning program – and even more importantly, protect Oregon and Oregonians – for generations to come. Donate before the end of the year and you could win a picnic with alpacas in Bend.

How we’ll solve our housing crisis (spoiler: it’s not by bulldozing our UGBs)

We can meet the housing needs of Oregonians – if we work smart within the land use system. Oregon is short approximately 140,000 homes for people who are living here today, but anyone who has ever struggled to find or afford a stable living space knows our housing crisis isn’t only about sheer numbers: What we build and where we build it is just as important.

From defense to offense: highlights in our 2023 Annual Report

From newspapers to the halls of the Oregon capitol, our statewide land use system became part of headline issues this year. Our 2023 Annual Report includes major highlights – all made possible thanks to Oregonians working together to make a better today and tomorrow possible.