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Leadership Team
Sam Diaz headshot

Sam Diaz, Executive Director

sam@friends.org | (503) 694-3892


Mary Kyle McCurdy photo

Mary Kyle McCurdy, Deputy Director

mkm@friends.org | (503) 694-3896


Lily standing

Lily Burnett, Operations Director

lily@friends.org | (503) 694-3890


Photo of Ben Asher

Ben Asher, Office Project Assistant 

ben@friends.org | (503) 497-1000


Blair Batson 2022

Blair Batson, Staff Attorney

blair@friends.org | (503) 783-8093


A photo of Krystal Eldridge

Krystal Eldridge, Communications Manager

krystal@friends.org | (971) 420-0939


Greg Holmes, Working Lands Director

greg@friends.org | (503) 783-8086


Photo of Brett Morgan

Brett Morgan, Transportation Director and Legislative Manager

brett@friends.org | (503) 925-5361


Andrew Mulkey, Senior Staff Attorney 

andrew@friends.org | (971) 420-0916


Lou Ocampo, Executive Coordinator

Lou Ocampo, Operations Manager

lou@friends.org | (971) 420-0915


Cassie sits on a mobility device facing the camera, with a poster that shows a bridge and says "Right size. Right now." She is in front of the Salem capitol.

Cassie Wilson, Gerhardt Intern



Zeke (a.k.a. Zeekers), Director of Office Shenanigans

zeke@friends.org | (503) 497-1000

Board of Directors
Nellie McAdams in a barn

Nellie McAdams | President; Forestry and Agricultural Advisory Committee (FAAC) Co-Chair

Oregon Agricultural Trust | Portland

Baker Lyon Headshot

Baker Lyon Vice President; Nominations & Governance Committee Chair

Affordable Housing Developer | Portland

Gil Kelley

Gil Kelley | Policy Committee Chair

Urban and Regional Planner | Mt.Hood-Parkdale

Greg Macpherson, Board Member

Greg Macpherson | Treasurer; Forestry and Agricultural Advisory Committee (FAAC) Member

Bannockburn Farms | Albany

MJ Harris, Board Member

Margaret Jane (MJ) Harris | Fundraising Committee Chair; Forestry and Agricultural Advisory Committee (FAAC) Member

Farmer | Cornelius

John Alcott Photo

John Allcott, MD

Applegate Medical Associates | Eugene

A photo of Meriel Darzen in a grassy space with picnic tables

Meriel Darzen

Crag Law Center | Portland

Dallas Defrees

Dallas Hall Defrees

Sustainable Northwest | Baker City

Jackie Dingfelder, Board Member

Jackie Dingfelder

Portland State University | Portland

Andrew Haden

Wisewood Energy | Portland

Ken Hayes Photo

Ken Hayes

Farmer & Consultant | Gaston

Eloise Grout Koehler

Educator | Portland

Alee Langford

Alee Langford

Oregon Department of Transportation | Portland

Rod park stands in field

Rod Park

Park's Nursery | Gresham

Victor Platt

Victor Platt

Andina | Portland

Christian Richmond Photo

Christian Richmond 

Star Mooring Farm | Newberg

Jeremy Sacks

Jeremy Sacks

Stoel Rives | Portland

Issei Saida

Craft3 | Portland

Libby Wilson

Libby Wilson

Country Natural Beef | North Powder

Jim Wood Headshot

Jim Wood

Rancher & Veterinarian | Post

We are always looking for passionate people to join our board and our board committees. 

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Forestry and Agriculture Advisory Committee

Our Forestry and Agriculture Advisory Committee (FAAC) is the voice of Oregon's working lands. The FAAC assists us in ensuring that Oregon maintains the land needed for future generations of farmers, foresters, and ranchers.