Thank you for your interest in board membership at 1000 Friends of Oregon.

Board service

Who: Community members living outside of the Willamette Valley, but we encourage everyone to apply. 

What: Volunteer opportunity with 1000 Friends of Oregon to serve as a board member for a three-year term.

When: Board members meet five times per year and serve on at least one board committee that meets once per month. 

Where: Board meetings are on Zoom half the time and in-person half the time at different locations across the state. Committee meetings are on Zoom. 

Why: We are looking for community members who have a combination of lived experiences (geographic location, race, gender, sexual orientation, age, and/or physical ability) and professional experiences (working lands, law, land use planning, transportation, housing, finance, communications, fundraising, organizational development, movement building, DEI, and/or policy) that may serve to inform the work of 1000 Friends – and in turn help make Oregon a better place for everyone. 

How: Read our board member job description to see the ways the 1000 Friends board makes change happen.


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Board participation offers a variety of benefits, including an annual retreat with staff and fellow board members. A new location in Oregon is chosen each year to help connect with local communities.

Ready to get involved?

Please fill out the form below. We will review your interest during our next Nominations and Governance Committee meeting and follow up with you.