Help provide Oregonians with land use legal assistance.

Since 1981, over 150 professionals have volunteered their time as part of our Cooperating Attorney Program (CAP), providing pro bono land use legal assistance to Oregonians and Oregon communities threatened by irresponsible or illegal land use decisions. The program has resulted in over 150 positive rulings, protecting tens of thousands of acres of farm and forest lands, strengthening Oregon's land use system, and ensuring that local officials follow their city and county development plans as well as statewide land use laws.

This work continues today, even as the land use program and Oregon's challenges change. CAP continues to connect local land use cases, often in rural areas, with attorneys who help find resolution under Oregon land use law.

"Without the CAP, there is no way Friends of Yamhill County could have challenged the dozens of egregious decisions that we have successfully taken on over the years.” —Sid Friedman

Cooperating Attorney Program FAQ

  • Why is there a CAP? | Oregon’s land use planning system only works if the laws are followed. Unfortunately, they often aren’t. Oregonians are typically unable to do anything about it on their own: Developers often have attorneys and other experts at their disposal. As a result, a complete, balanced presentation of the facts and the law may not be given to the local government.
  • Cases that qualify for the CAP | The CAP emphasizes the protection of farm and forest lands. The CAP offers legal assistance in other areas as well, including the preservation of Oregon’s coast, and the provision of adequate land for all types of housing.
  • How does the CAP work? | Any individual may contact 1000 Friends with a request for a referral to a cooperating attorney. If the case qualifies, 1000 Friends will pair a cooperating attorney with the case. Once the cooperating attorney takes the case, the individual becomes the attorney’s client. 1000 Friends’ role is to give technical assistance to the CAP attorney if asked.

How you can get involved

  • Join: If you're passionate about protecting Oregon's land use planning system and assisting rural communities around the state, volunteering your time for the CAP is the perfect opportunity to give back.
  • Recruit: Help 1000 Friends recruit new CAP attorneys from your firm. The CAP is a great way to give new attorneys appellate-like experience before the Land Use Board of Appeals. 1000 Friends can provide technical assistance.
  • Donate: Donate to support the CAP: We need your help to make the next 150 cases a reality.

For more information or to join CAP, contact Andrew Mulkey.