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These independent organizations are our eyes and ears on local and regional land use issues across Oregon. Like 1000 Friends of Oregon, they work to promote responsible development and to keep our communities vibrant and healthy.

Dont see an organization in your county or region? Interested in starting a group? Contact our executive director, Sam Diaz, at sam@friends.org. Through our affiliate program, 1000 Friends of Oregon shares its expertise to help these organizations make a difference in their counties.

FODC logo
Friends of Douglas County

(541) 459-4222 | wetherel@earthlink.net | Membership brochure

We are a group of individuals who wish to conserve our important farm and forest lands and preserve the quality of our lives.

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Friends of French Prairie

(503) 678-5675 | website | info@friendsoffrenchprairie.org

Friends of French Prairie advocates for appropriate growth and facilitating sustainable and prosperous farming.

Friends of Linn County Card 3
Friends of Linn County

April 2022 Newsletter | info@friendsoflinncounty.org

The mission of Friends of Linn County is to preserve, protect, and enhance the livability and economic viability of our farms, forests, and communities through responsible land use planning.

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Friends of Marion County

(503) 743-4567 | Membership brochureFriendsOfMarionCounty@gmail.com

Friends of Marion County P.O. Box 3274 Salem, Oregon 97302

Friends of Marion County’s mission is to protect farm and forestland, parks, and open spaces.

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Friends of Polk County

(503) 585-6380 | sdeumling@gmail.com | newsletter

Friends of Polk County, Oregon, seeks to protect farm and forest lands which form the base of Polk County, to maintain the health and livability of our communities in the face of increasing population, and to preserve the quality of life we presently enjoy.

Friends of Yamhill County Logo
Friends of Yamhill County

website | friendsofyamhillcounty@gmail.com

Friends of Yamhill County, P.O. Box 1083 McMinnville, OR 97128

FYC is a non-profit community service organization working to enhance the quality of life in the urban and rural communities of Yamhill County by protecting family farms and forests and conserving natural and scenic areas.

ORCA logo
Oregon Coast Alliance (ORCA)

(503) 391-0210 | website | info@oregoncoastalliance.org | Facebook

To protect the Oregon coast by working with coastal residents for sustainable communities; protection and restoration of coastal and marine natural resources; providing education and advocacy on land use development; and adaptation to climate change.

RA logo
Rogue Advocates


Website | info@rogueadvocates.org | Facebook | Instagram 

Rogue Advocates is dedicated to cultivating livable and sustainable communities in southern Oregon’s Rogue Valley region.
Through advocacy, education and outreach around local land use issues, we work to preserve productive rural lands and to promote vibrant urban centers.

SOD logo
Sane, Orderly Development


Save Helv logo
Save Helvetia

 website | Facebook

Cherry Amabisca, President  | (503) 647-5334

Save Helvetia is a coalition of neighbors, friends, and concerned citizens who are working to preserve Helvetia and its neighboring agricultural lands north of Highway 26. Our mission is to advance policies, leaders, and actions that protect Helvetia’s treasured resources.  

THR Logo
Thrive Hood River

(541) 288-4706 | Website | Facebook | Instagram

Tara and Brittney Mills, C0-Executive Directors | mills@thrivehoodriver.org

Thrive Hood River’s mission is to protect Hood River’s farmland, forests, special wild places and the livability of its cities and rural communities.


1000 Friends of Oregon, and each of the organizations listed on this page, are their own independent 501(c)(3) nonprofit organizations. 1000 Friends of Oregon does not own or control, whether wholly or in part, any other corporate entity. 1000 Friends of Oregon is not a parent corporation to any other organization and does not have any corporate affiliates or subsidiaries, nor is 1000 Friends of Oregon a corporate affiliate or corporate subsidiary of any other organization.