Making progress on middle housing choices for Oregonians

Last week, the Land Conservation & Development Commission (LCDC) unanimously adopted the administrative rules required by HB 2001 to allow duplexes on all lots in single-family zoned areas for cities between 10,000-25,000 in population. LCDC's actions also include a "model code" that serves as a basic accepted ruleset for HB 2001 for Oregon's communities that must eventually comply with HB 2001. These cities have until June 30, 2021, to either adopt the model code or devise their own code that meets the minimum compliance standards. It’s important that these codes exist to both streamline the ease of building middle housing and to ensure that communities comply with state law.

It's been years in the making, with the LCDC decision being the most-recent development on HB 2001's implementation. Both the passage and continued work on HB 2001 is the culmination of efforts led by House Speaker Tina Kotek. Supporting these efforts are the countless amounts of time, energy, research and organizing efforts by many groups, individuals, and businesses — including 1000 Friends of Oregon.

The rules adopted last week also reflect concerted work by a Rules Advisory Committee (RAC) appointed by LCDC. 1000 Friends of Oregon is an active member of this RAC. "RACs gather technical information, and consider environmental and social concerns. They research the fiscal impact of rules, and they consider the impact of rules on businesses."

“It’s going to be important to have more housing choice and more housing options in all of our community[ies], and limiting new construction in residential areas to only single-family homes is not going to help us prepare for the future and provide more housing,” - Rep. Tina Kotek

But, we're not done yet. The work completed so far is only  part of HB 2001. The legislation also requires all cities over 25,000 in population and all cities in the Metro region over 1,000, to also allow 3- and 4- plexes, townhouses and cottage clusters in areas zoned for single-family housing. That's in addition to the new administrative rules allowing duplexes on every lot. The rules for the large and Metro cities are still being developed and will be adopted by LCDC by the end of 2020. These cities will then have to comply by June 30, 2022.