Happening now: Metro 20-year growth update

Every six years, Metro – the regional government unique in Oregon and separate from cities and counties – examines how local governments are meeting housing needs and job growth projections within the current urban growth boundary, which Metro manages. Cities and counties that lie within the Metro area must request urban growth boundary expansions to Metro, demonstrating that housing and job-growth needs are not being met and that land is the sole barrier to addressing that need.

As part of that review, Metro convenes local governments and business and community organizations to collect data to help understand the success and barriers in strategically managing the region’s growth. 

Kick-off occurred in late September, and 1000 Friends of Oregon has been invited to be part of this review as a community organization. Our staff plan to provide regular updates on this urban growth boundary process and ask you for your questions, ideas, and thoughts about this urban growth report and review.

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