Eloise Grout Koehler

Board Member

Eloise Grout, who has been an integral part of the 1000 Friends of Oregon’s board of directors since 2018, acknowledges the privilege rooted in her family’s history and the power dynamics it represents. As a descendant of Oregonians that spans several generations, Eloise recognizes that her family’s influence in Oregon, from the establishment of Ladd Tilton Bank in 1897 to the community contributions from the Irwin Foundation, has been a result of both their efforts and systemic advantages they have.

Eloise is committed to leveraging this legacy of privilege and influence to ensure that equity is at the forefront of her work. Having lived in diverse environments from upstate New York to Spain, she brings a broadened perspective, understanding that the Oregon she knows and loves is not the same for everyone. The idea that “Oregon is not an accident” resonated deeply with her, underscoring the need to proactively work for an Oregon that benefits all, not just a privileged few.

With a background in education and an MBA in nonprofit management, Eloise is dedicated to creating spaces for inclusive dialogue, learning, and action. As she works with 1000 Friends, she is driven by the belief that Oregon’s future should be cocreated with those who have been historically marginalized or underrepresented.

As she envisions the future for her three children – Corbett, Hattie, and Quinn – she hopes for an Oregon where all narratives are celebrated, power dynamics are transparent, and where the state’s beauty and resources are accessible and beneficial to every inhabitant. Eloise’s focus is to contribute to an Oregon where systemic inequities are actively dismantled and where everyone can thrive.