Sandy Wright, Chief Philanthropy Officer

Photo of Sandy Wright

Sandy is our Chief Philanthropy Officer and helps donors maximize their philanthropic impact. She connects donors with our program work and helps them create the legacy of their dreams. By investing strategically in our work, donors can protect rural communities and landscapes, build livable urban areas, and preserve natural areas. Your contributions can improve transportation systems, keep housing affordable, ensure public participation, reduce wildfire risk, train new leaders, and support clean energy so everyone thrives — and Sandy can help you do it! 

Sandy grew up in Indiana but fell in love with Oregon when she traveled west after graduating from college. Since then, she has explored all corners of Oregon and become dedicated to preserving its beauty and bounty. Prior to joining 1000 Friends, Sandy worked for years with Oregon land trusts. One of her biggest successes was leading Friends of the Columbia Gorge in their campaign to raise funds to purchase and preserve nearly 500 acres of land in Gorge. She holds a B.A. from Indiana University.

As Tom McCall famously said, “Oregon is an inspiration.” For Sandy, Oregon inspired her to align her values with her profession and to realize the power of her everyday choices. Sandy’s favorite place in Oregon is any hiking trail where she can take in the natural beauty or any rural road where she can ride her bike and see the bounty of the land. | (503) 783-8093 | she/her/hers