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1000 Friends of Oregon works with Oregonians to enhance quality of life by building livable urban and rural communities, protecting family farms and forests, and conserving natural areas.

Oregon's 241 towns and cities are separated from our vast wild and working lands by real lines, called Urban Growth Boundaries. That means the livability (and lovability) of the 800,000 acres that make up our urban areas plays a big role in protecting and preserving the other 61.3 million acres of Oregon's environment, including our farms and forests.

At 1000 Friends, we work every day to maintain that balance.

In Oregon, we’re lucky to have a smart, strong, statewide land use system & 19 land use goals that have guided us for nearly 50 years. It’s why things look and feel so different here, and what 1000 Friends was founded to uphold. No other nonprofit does what we do. Join us in our mission to maintain Oregon’s unique and beautiful balance of working lands, wonderful communities, and wild places.

All in a Year's Work

From wildfire to housing, farmland to transportation, land use leadership to climate change mitigation, see the difference your support makes with our 2020 Annual Report.

Guests at our Summer Picnic
Our Team

Land use planning takes teamwork. Meet the people who are part of ours.

Equity Poster
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion

1000 Friends works to reverse discriminatory practices, policies, and impacts on people.

COVID-19 and keeping our communities healthy and strong

Our physical offices will be closed indefinitely, in line with recommendations by experts and Portland Public Schools. We now have 16 virtual offices across the state, so feel free to get in touch with us as you always have — we're here if you've got questions.