A dormant ordinance resurfaces: Commuter road through farmland being considered in Washington County

At 1000 Friends of Oregon, we are committed to championing sustainable growth and land use practices. In Washington County, where Tigard meets the Metro urban growth boundary (UGB) that prevents development from spilling onto farmland, we’ve spent the past two years working with local residents to defend the values of the land use system and prevent the building of unnecessary commuter roads that neighbors have summarily rejected.

Now, Ordinance 882 – the effort at the heart of this battle – is coming back for a vote in December. This was initially proposed alongside Ordinance 883, the one we helped the community defeat last year, and, if passed, could mean an extension of Tile Flat Road to cut through not only an area slated for new housing, but also beyond the UGB, fracturing farmland that feeds our region.

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Some background

In 2022, when we successfully opposed a proposed extension to Cornelius Pass Road, we did so because it could have accelerated road development in this region known for its high agricultural output. Our opposition protected the region’s agricultural heritage and the vital role it plays in our local economy.

Our engagement with county staff continues. We believe in constructive dialogue and collaborative solutions that prioritize the well-being of both the community and the environment. The River Terrace 2.0 initiative exemplifies our commitment to balanced growth and the preservation of our natural resources. We pursue an essential goal of fostering communities where people can live, work, and thrive, all while safeguarding the environment and agricultural heritage that makes our region special.

What’s next? 

We can build the housing in River Terrace 2.0 – with housing within walking and rolling distance of jobs, stores, amenities, and a transit hub – without enabling commuters to speed through productive farmland and essential habitat. When the Cornelius Pass Road extension was up for a vote, the Washington County board rejected it after hearing stakeholder concerns. We’re hopeful we can repeat that win. Soon, we will need your help defeating the nearby Tile Flat Road extension, once and for all. 

Next, Washington County Ordinance 882 is coming in front of the Washington County Board of County Commissioners over the course of two meetings in early December. We’re working on providing you with all the details on how to get involved and have your say. Keep an eye out for more information soon by signing up for our emails.

Your engagement is vital; together, we can make a difference for a more sustainable Washington County.