Our Impact

Over the years, 1000 Friends of Oregon has published or contributed to thousands of land use articles, reports, and other publications. We keep the most current and popular ones here.

Death by 1000 Cuts Feature (3)
Death by 1000 Cuts

Urban expansion, rural rezoning, and nonfarm uses on farmland continue to take land out of farm use despite Oregon’s land use protections. Our report outlines the problems and creates a 10-point action plan that offers realistic policy recommendations. 

Housing Testimony
The People's Guide to Land Use Appeals

Learn the who, what, when, where and why of land use appeals in Oregon.

Urban Sprawl
More Extensive is More Expensive

How sprawl infrastructure bankrupts Oregon communities, and what we can do about it.

Nicole Johnson with Robert Liberty by Sean Carpenter
Annual Report

A 16-page exploration of a year in the life of 1000 Friends, with work made possible by members like you.

Is this Oregon's future?
Wildfire Planning

Could land use be the key to reducing wildfire risk in Oregon? Our latest report has the answer!