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Portland Streetcar passes by multi-story buildings
Barriers to Transit-Oriented Development in Portland

Portland is one of the United States' most walkable and transit-rich small cities, yet barriers to transit-oriented development (TOD) remain. Through stakeholder interviews, this study identifies the barriers to TOD in Portland and provides recommendations.

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2022 Annual Report

A year in review of our accomplishments: from legal wins to program updates.

Hands together

Recommendations for a more equitable and inclusive Land Use Planning Goal 1.

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4-year roadmap

Our 4-year strategic roadmap guides our progress, growth and annual planning.

Death by 1000 Cuts Feature (3)
Death by 1000 Cuts

Urban expansion, rural rezoning, and nonfarm uses on farmland continue to take land out of farm use despite Oregon’s land use protections. Our report outlines the problems and creates a 10-point action plan that offers realistic policy recommendations. 

Is this Oregon's future?
Wildfire Planning

Could land use be the key to reducing wildfire risk in Oregon? Our latest report has the answer! 

Urban Sprawl
More Extensive is More Expensive

How sprawl infrastructure bankrupts Oregon communities, and what we can do about it.