Farmer Advisory Committee

The Voice of Oregon's Working Lands

“This bill [establishing the Agricultural Land Use Policy] speaks to the problem we are all concerned about – we know that Oregon’s prime agricultural land is rapidly being urbanized – these limited high value agricultural soil resources should be kept in agricultural production for as long as possible because of the important contribution they make to Oregon’s economy.” - Hector Macpherson

The Farmer Advisory Committee (FAC) assists 1000 Friends of Oregon in protecting, implementing, and improving Oregon’s land use laws for maintaining the agricultural and forest land base needed for farming, ranching, and forestry. The FAC brings farmers, ranchers, and foresters from across the state together, providing 1000 Friends of Oregon with direct experience and helpful insight to strengthen and preserve Oregon’s agricultural economy. 

The Farmer Advisory Committee is composed of active farmers, ranchers, and foresters who support Oregon’s land use laws to protect and maintain the state’s agricultural and forest land base. Membership is voluntary, free, and does not require membership with 1000 Friends of Oregon. The committee meets twice annually, with one meeting in the fall and one meeting in Salem during the legislative session.

Farmer Advisory Committee Updates:

Farmer Advisory Committee Chair: Jim Gilbert, | Vice-chairs: Christian Richmond, Star Mooring Farm and Nellie McAdams, Yamhill County farmer