Farmer Advisory Committee

The Farmer Advisory Committee & Oregon's Land Use Planning Program Preserve Agriculture

In order for Oregon agriculture to continue to thrive, it is necessary to maintain the land base on which the agricultural and forestry industries depend. 1000 Friends of Oregon and the farmers, ranchers, and foresters who comprise its Farmer Advisory Committee, share the belief that the best way to maintain the land base is through an effective land use planning program that builds livable urban areas and rural communities, protects family farms and forests, and conserves natural areas.

Join the Farmer Advisory Committee of 1000 Friends of Oregon: A committee dedicated to protecting, implementing, and improving Oregon’s land use planning program to maintain the land base needed for farming, ranching, and forestry. The Farmer Advisory Committee provides simple, effective opportunities to preserve the essential land use planning program and to make improvements that benefit you and your business. Membership is voluntary and free. Farmer Advisory Committee members are not obligated to join 1000 Friends of Oregon. Participation in all activities of the Farmer Advisory Committee is optional.

Participation opportunities include:
  • Training to understand the statewide land use planning program
  • Timely communications about working lands-related legislation and agency rule-making
  • Support that simplifies engagement with decision-makers to improve working land protections and prevent further rollbacks
  • Technical assistance with land use issues in your county
  • Involvement in working lands-policy creation at 1000 Friends of Oregon
  • Bi-annual meetings of the Farmer Advisory Committee