Farmer Advisory Committee

The Voice of Oregon's Working Lands

Since 1974, 1000 Friends of Oregon has worked to uphold and strengthen Oregon’s statewide land use system, protecting our precious working lands from sprawl and other forms of misuse. Our Farmer Advisory Committee (FAC) brings together more than 70 farmers, ranchers and foresters from across the state to provide the experience, insight, and policy recommendations our state needs.

  • Farmer Advisor Committee (FAC) is a committee of 1000 Friends of Oregon.
  • FAC members are active farmers, ranchers, and foresters from across Oregon.
  • FAC members are not required to be members of 1000 Friends of Oregon—although it is definitely encouraged!
  • FAC members meet twice a year in Salem.
  • The committee guides 1000 Friends’ legislative priorities, and educates and advises elected officials and the general public about Oregon’s working lands and land use laws.

"Oregon’s prime agricultural land should be kept in production for as long as possible."

-Hector Macpherson, Oregon farmer, legislator, and land use leader


For more information, or to join the Farmer Advisory Committee, email Committee Chair Jim Gilbert,