Every Oregonian deserves abundant and affordable housing options.

Like many parts of the nation, Oregon is currently experiencing a housing crisis, with a statewide shortage of 140,000 units despite our growing population. Our Goal 10 | Housing work means we work hand-in-hand with community members, planners, decision-makers and partner organizations in cities and towns statewide to pursue policies that will allow us to close this gap without creating sprawl development. We assist communities in dealing with unaffordable housing, housing instability, and housing challenges by advocating for greater abundance and diversity of housing options. We work to create better policy, and to see that it is equitably implemented across Oregon. We also help communities understand the impact of state and local policies on their bottom line and work to ensure growth in sustainable development patterns.

Our work ensures that cities conserve Oregon’s natural resources and create inclusive communities through:

  • Conserving resource land through involvement in the urban growth boundary process
  • Enhancing community livability through input to city comprehensive plan and zoning policies
  • Implementing SB 1051 to allow accessory dwelling units in all Oregon cities with populations over 2,500
  • Implementing HB 2001 & 2003 to restore "missing middle" housing options to the fabric of our towns and cities
  • Advocating for stronger missing middle housing policy nationwide
  • Urban reserves planning and growth monitoring
  • Reversing decades of discriminatory zoning practices

More resources for our housing-related work:


A promise to Oregonians: We won’t give up on the housing we need

A joint statement from our executive director and deputy director on dangerous UGB expansion loopholes that pull focus from practical, useful solutions to our housing crisis.

Our housing work is vital for Oregon as it touches on our collective responsibility to decide how we live together, protect natural resources, welcome our neighbors and address historical inequities.

By working with Oregonians to create more livable communities, we can reduce our ecological footprint, live active lives in healthy and walkable neighborhoods, support a strong agricultural economy, and build local food systems.

For more information, contact Mary Kyle McCurdy.


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How we’ll solve our housing crisis (spoiler: it’s not by bulldozing our UGBs)

We can meet the housing needs of Oregonians – if we work smart within the land use system. Oregon is short approximately 140,000 homes for people who are living here today, but anyone who has ever struggled to find or afford a stable living space knows our housing crisis isn’t only about sheer numbers: What we build and where we build it is just as important.

Multi-story housing surrounds a playground
HB 2001 gets us back on the housing track

The Oregon legislature took a momentous step toward making sure that every Oregonian has the opportunity for accessible, affordable housing choices in every community. We will need you to share your support for HB 2001 as it continues to move through the legislature.

1000 Friends of Oregon: inclusionary housing units in Portland, Oregon
Inclusionary housing and why it matters to all Oregonians

By 2035, city planners estimate that Portland’s population will add more than 100,000 new households. Without strong housing policies in place, that growth will lead to an even larger homelessness crisis and threaten our farmland and natural areas through subdivision expansions. Here’s what we’re doing about it.