Protecting working lands. Improving transportation systems. Keeping housing affordable. Ensuring public participation. Reducing wildfire risk. Training new leaders. Managing urban growth. Maintaining rural economies. Creating healthy communities. Supporting clean energy. Mitigating climate change. On any given day, we do it all. Here's how.

Statewide Policy

First and foremost, our work is about maintaining and strengthening Oregon's statewide land use planning system. We work daily with state agencies and officials to get it done.

Portland for Everyone

From the Residential Infill Project to Better Housing by Design, Portland for Everyone is leading the grassroots advocacy needed to bring about affordable housing solutions for every resident.

Land Use Leadership Initiative

Since 2012, our LULI program has trained over 100 emerging land use leaders. The future of Oregon's land use system depends on it.

Oregon's food systems feed our state, and the world.
Food Systems

Oregon's abundant agricultural industry feeds not just Oregonians, but the world. See how we partner with farmers, ranchers, and food networks to keep this tradition going--and growing--strong.

Arial photo of OSU
Urban Lands Advocacy

From La Grande to Lincoln City, Ashland to Eugene, Bend to Burns, when land use issues come up in towns and cities outside the Portland region, 1000 Friends can help.

Farmer Advisory Committee

Our Farmer Advisory Committee (FAC)  assists us in ensuring that Oregon maintains the land needed for future generations of farmers, foresters, and ranchers.

Forests & Wildfire

We work with a network of agencies, landowners, and communities to ensure a thriving future for Oregon's forests and for the people who depend on them.

Community Engagement Is Goal 1
Community Engagement

The first of Oregon's 19 land use planning goals calls for public participation. We work with partners across the state to bring ordinary Oregonians to the table.

Cooperating Attorneys

Our Cooperating Attorney Program (CAP) connects local land use cases, often in rural areas, with attorneys who work pro bono to protect Oregon's working lands and land use system.