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ACTION ALERT | Tell Oregon to invest federal infrastructure dollars in smart growth
Transportation advocates have long been pushing for greener transportation policies to address the fact that 40% of Oregon's carbon emissions come from transportation. Today, we need your help to convince statewide policymakers to take bold action to invest in a sustainable and equitable transportation system.

Victory at Oregon Supreme Court protects 55 acres of farmland

The repeated attempts to expand the Aurora Airport’s runway onto farmland not only violates Oregon’s land use planning laws, but also wastes the public’s time and money. We hope this is the last we’ll be hearing about the expansion.
The Intersection of Land Use Planning and LGBTQ+ History
The month of October is LGBTQ+ History Month. This month marks a time to educate ourselves on the rich history of LGBTQ+ Oregonians, acknowledge historical and current discrimination, celebrate hard-won policy victories, and recommit our efforts to make Oregon a more inclusive place to live for us all.
Indigenous Peoples' Day 2021
Today, 1000 Friends of Oregon will celebrate, reflect, and honor Indigenous People’s Day.
A Q&A with our 2021 Gerhardt Intern, Bridget O'Brien
Bridget's focus is on researching how Oregon can transform statewide land use planning goal 1 to be more effective and inclusive.
Senate Bill 16 is a detrimental land use policy
SB 16 will take farmland out of production and allow houses to be located in an area prone to severe drought and wildfire risk.